Thick Client Security Assessment

Thick Clients also known as heavy clients are full featured applications that are usually used within a network. They do not require a server to run and can be used offline. Data is usually fetched from a server however, if the server is offline, the application will still run.

Thick Client Pentest Checklist:

  • 1. Check for secure communication.
  • 2. check for snapshot of registries before and after installation.
Thick Client Security Assessment
  • 3. Check for stored credentials in config files.
  • 4. check Process memory for unencrypted credentials.
  • 5. Check DEP and ASLR status.
  • 6. check for DLL injection for .NET apps.
  • 7. Decompile executable
  • 7. Perform dynamic analysis with echo mirage and burp suite

tools used for TC assessment. echomirage, burpsuite, procmon, process explorer dnspy, ilspy

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